M*I*O is the acronym of Mens Insita Omnibus (the Mind Includes the Whole) a famous quote by Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno (b.1548-d.1600). Regardless here to focus on his wide impact on several humanistic disciplines, I just pointed his contribution on the research of the human being through magic and Alchemy.

The idea came to me because my studies about human being has always been the ground from which my artistic project took place.

When I faced the opportunity to start a proposal for a group exhibition of Italian artists, I included some authors that are represented by my art space named The BID Art NET which, after three years during which it became a really cross for international art project, it then passed to be an institution without an own space that works instead in association with and for several Museums in different towns, in Italy and abroad, with the important partnership of Andrey Martynov, acclaimed international curator and director in art projects.

Looking to the works of the selected artists (all within a peculiar area that includes my own ones) it was immediately clear to me that their styles were different one each other and from this apparently problematic situation I found out the meaning of the project.

They, including me, we are seven. I’m sure it’s not a big secret how this number is magic in the Universe. First thing that fits my mind are the seven metals that have occurred for the alchemist transmutation from plumb to Gold, which is of course a metaphor of the human illumination and participation to divinity or in others philosophical terms the Goal to reach the Universe ONE from the multitude, the wisdom from Kaos and so on.

Far here from my job to go indeed the argumentations, I just use this philosophical “meaning” to put together seven different artists, minds, actually styles that are looking to the same human being but from different angles of view; from the surface deep into the cosmic man who dissolves into Universe to become part of the Unity, or, using the psychological theory of archetypes of Carl Gustav Jung, to become the same thing with/of the Big Self.

Then finally coming to expose the project in term of art and leaving behind philosophy, mythology and psychology, the show (made of seven levels) begins with

  1. Angela Virdis who’s a painter set to the more external side of an hypothetical spiral leading to the Centre, offers her personal expression and view of the life’s feelings using a realistic style in which it is still clear that she is an observer and a teller of the basic emotions that are peculiar to the human being, specially of infant and teen ages: love, fear, sadness, joyful, sex etc. She uses oil colour technique in canvas;
  2. Francesco Diotallevi is a painter too but he uses a kind of a style that is no longer realistic. His artworks look quite like comics where realistic shapes have left behind but his puppet’s sketches hide deeper emotional and critical attention to humanity, if compared with Angela’s work. He is sarcastic, ironic and cynical too. However he remains an observer without throwing out nothing from the inner. His technique is acrylic on canvas but for abroad exhibitions he will use printed copies of his artworks.
  3. Davide Filippini sets the third section and first one to offers a philosophical approach with his photographs really close to an existentialist meaning and human state;
  4. Lorenzo Uccellini makes a great new step totally abandoning any real essence and going far out to towards a merely fancy scenario which offers a surrealist and conceptual photography set of work;
  5. Mattia Stefanini’s photographic serie shows a man that has already left far behind him any surface emotion and that is ready to become the alchemist Gold, to join the Big Self; a Cosmic Man where the multitude finally got One;
  6. Lino Sabia’s little abstract sculpture sums up the seven steps;
  7. According to a cross media project that is my very first intent, DanyRusso will create an original soundtrack that will describes in music the journey from the Man’s basic feelings (from the surface) to the Inner hidden side of himself. The soundtrack will be officially released in form of CD (like insert of the book that will accompanie the exhibition) and will be played in those locations that could host music. It’s also intent of the project to produce live music shows in which the concept and images of the visual artists will stand up thanks to a special abstract video that might be used in different situations and ways.

All the artists are asked to present seven artworks; to follow the “fil rouge”. Of course depending from the different locations that will host the exhibition, the number of works and size too might change accordingly with the spaces.